Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Search & Data

We offer tailor-made solutions for small – medium size companies.

Our team is made of experts in natural language processing, big data scraping and analysis, search technologies and machine learning.

Our goal is to design and implement the right solution to your data world, that combine all the needed components.

Use Cases

Your business and data is different than any other.

There are out-of-the-box solutions but often what you need is a tailor made module which focus on your specific data and knowledge, domain, organization and goals.

Our team can escort you from analyzing the requirements, available and needed data to designing a solution, coding the module, integration and maintenance.

Data Ecquisition & Scraping

Whether the data you need is on social media, external websites, or spread across multiple repositories inside your organization, we will aggregate and organize it in the right structure.

Turning Unstructured Data to Metadata

Turning documents into queryable data and storing it in a database so the text will turn into knowledge!

Meaning Extraction

Summarizing documents, facts, Who-did-what, numbers, names, price, locations, dates activities, and what is needed to utilize the text and save work.

Search Engine Enhancement

Providing a search solution with natural language query and text tagging and categorization will ensure that users can find the right data items in any granularity level.

Text and Document Calssifications

Creating automatic text classification and automatic routing for documents, incoming mails, customers tickets, etc.

Data Science and Predictive Analysis

Detecting trends, sales predictions, offering smart recommendations, anomaly detection on large amounts of complex data.

Analysis Proccess and Consultation

Need to understand the impact of NLP and Machine Learning and Big Data Technologies on your business?

We offer an in-depth analysis process to identify how you can benefit from integrating such technologies into your business


In order to materialize the promises of Artificial Intelligence revolution you need to focus on the crucial areas in your business operation that can make the difference


Combining Natural Language Processing and machine learning technologies in your business is becoming a necessity as competition is growing and using such technologies


What is NLP?

NPL stands for Natural Language Processing. It is all about making computers “Understadns” how humans speaks and write

How NLP Is being used?

Common examples of NLP are: Text response recognition (Chat-bots), Automatic documents classification,  Automatic clustering, Discovering insights in text,  adaptive grammar checking and more.

How can NLP help my business?

NLP technologies can help in optimizing business operation, save manual work and reduce costs, reduce bureaucracy, reduce the load and optimize your call center, analyze your competitors offering and quickly understanding customers requests 

What is Machine Learning

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) that deals with the study and detection of patterns which are then used to support decision making

How Machine Learning can be used?

Common examples of machine learning are: Fraud detection system, Behavior based product recommendations, Predictive log analysis, Search engine results refining and more 

How can Machine Learning help my business?

Machine learning can replace human effort in area like analyzing text, summarizing, handle customer tickets, classify text, answering questions and more. ML can do some tasks human can’t (!) like handling huge amounts of data & text, identifying trends, detect anomaly and more.

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Tailored Solutions

Work with us to develop a complete custom solution based on your specific use case

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies can help in improving your business performance and competence

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