We are Passionate About Building Outstanding NLP and Data Analysis Solutions

Our Natural language processing and Data Science team will design the right solution for your business and implement it using custom made modules.

We combine our solutions with Machine Learning, Deep learning, Big Data, data analysis, industry best practices and available APIs utilization, like Google API, IBM’s Watson, etc.

Our Team

We help small and medium companies unlock the full value within their unstructured and structured data.

We combine innovative technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing with search and big data analytics to transform the way people work. 

Amit Shkolnik

co-Founder / Chief Scientist

Einat Dagan

C++ / C# and Algorithm 


Web Apps Developer

David Rashty

co-Founder / CEO


Python Developer

Working with CreativeMinds

CreativeMinds has combined its years of expertise in the creation of innovative products with machine learning chief scientist Amit Shkolnik‘s proven ability in NLP and Machine Learning.

Our NLP and Machine Learning team brings together 15 years of experience in the data analysis and algorithms domain and for the last 6 years has focused mainly on Natural language processing combined with Machine Learning and Deep Learning (Neural Networks).

Our proven abilities can ensure that our solution can be easily integrated into your business infrastructure and work alongside your existing applications and business logic.


We are a team with a deep understanding of NLP, Machine learning and integration into existing business applications

Hire NLP Expertise

No dirty tricks: our professionals specialize in Machine Learning and NLP and can help in tailoring the right solution for your business

Complete Service

We will help you understand how NLP and Machine learning can improve your business performance and help you develop such solution

Roadmap and Budget

While NLP and Machine Learning processes can be costly and long we can ensure a defined roadmap that fits into your budget and timetable

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies can help in improving your business performance and competence

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