Search Technologies

Search is not about finding words, but about understanding what our user is looking for and what is in our data.

Improving your search results is an essential part of your application user experience and the ability to convert data and text to valuable results.

Are your users able to quickly find what they are looking for, without spending time and effort on data filtering?


Search Techologies Services We Offer

Now days we need to prepare our text and data for search, so our search engine will be able to identify correctly entities in the text: Companies and peoples names, dates, locations, etc.


Our services are focused on improving the user experience of your search application and making sure the search results are the most relevant to what your customers are expecting

Search On-site Audit

Review the relevancy of your search engine search results while reviewing different aspects such as common search queries, speed, language constraints, user interface and more.

Audit report contains an actionable list of suggestions on how to improve search results

Search NLP Integration

Integration of NLP search query parsing methods  to better understand your user search queries

We need to be able to make similarity search. When user is looking for Air pollution, our search engine need to search also for Air quality, Air hazards and other similar, synonyms phrases

Search Intent

When an analyst is tracking companies like Apple, we want to find the right apple for him/her, not the fruit, and if he/she are tracking for J.P. Morgan we want to find it for him/her in all its forms –JPMorgan, J. P. Morgan or JP Morgan, but not the song JP Morgan


Ecommerce Site Solutions

Weather you are using WordPress, Magento or another Ecommerce solution.

We have extensive experience  in making sure your customers can quickly find the products they are searching for

Search Visualization

Adding visualization tools to complex search solution can improve both user experience and easiness of finding information

We can help in building visual search interfaces and integrate them with your current search engine

Geographic Based Search

Integrating  location based search results within your current search engine infstracture.

Making sure the results best match your user current location or search interests

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Tailored Solutions

Work with us to develop a complete custom solution based on your specific use case

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies can help in improving your business performance and competence

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