Natural Language Processing Services

Natural language processing is fast becoming Artificial Intelligence’s new frontier which we all are using on daily basis

Siri, Google search, chatbots, automatic translation are just few examples.

Does your business benefit from the NLP revolution?

NLP Services We Offer

NLP can offer much more within your organization.

We can combine together with your existing business applications tailor-made solution to analyze text, understand the conclusions without human effort, turn unstructured data into tabular data and much more.

Meaning Extraction

Summarizing documents, facts extraction, Who-did-what. We will extract the important facts, numbers, companies names, activities, and what is needed to utilize the text and save many man-years of work.

No more need to read long reports by your analyst team. The NLP will do the heavy work for your business. Your employees will do only one thing – thinking!

Test Classification and Clustering

Creating automatic text classification for documents, incoming mails, customers tickets, etc.

Need to sort data and direct it to the right person? Can’t search any more because your data became an ocean of texts? We can create specific classification, clustering and tagging tools that will handle it for you.

Unstructured Data become Metadata Projects

Often there is valuable data in our documents and texts, but we can’t utilize it as we can’t query it using common data tool such as databases and BI (Business Intelligence).

We will turn your document into queryable data, and store it in your database so the text will turn into… knowledge!

Improving Search

Searching is still an exhausting task, consuming time and often ending without the expected results.

By using the proper search engine or enhancing an existing one with the right tagging and data & text indexing, we will ensure that you can find the right data item in any granularity level.

Name Entity Recognition

Often you need to track entities in huge pile of text – daily news, financial reports, government data. Those entities might be companies with common names, people, and others. Is it the Apple? or the Big Apple or just an apple?

A good Entity Recognition mechanism will save time, effort and avoid many errors.

Elevate Your Business with NLP Technologies

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning technologies can help in improving your business performance and competence

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