Search Improvement Console for WordPress

Take your WordPress users to where it matters.

Autocomplete, smart redirect, search log.

Keep visitors engaged!

Guide Users via Powerful Search

Users don’t want to spend time looking through pages and menus. They want relevant content right away.

A powerful WordPress engine can ensure users find what they want in as few clicks as possible.

Out-of-the-box Features

Smart Suggestion

Show a smart list of suggestions on the spot based on what the user is typing into the search bar. The content changes dynamically in real time

Direct Users To Specific Pages

Direct user to content that is more relevant. If he looks for “deals”, suggest the latest promotion landing page and increase conversion

Ban Suspicious Searches and Users

Block IPs of users that perform suspicious searches. Prevent any visitor from entering certain commands in the search console

Future Use Cases (Requires Customization)

Voice Search

Adapt search filters based on what your users do.

A user clicks search and says “Accepts PayPal “… direct him to the payment FAQ page showing precisely if your site accepts PayPal or not

Predictive Search

Improve search based on the user’s profile.

The user is from the US? Guide him to the most common pages accessed by people from that country in the last 90 days


Conversion-Focused Search

Turn the user’s activity into actionable strategies.

The buyer abandoned the cart? During his next search, suggest the cart and cart FAQ pages to increase chance of conversion

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