WordPress Dialog Bot Plugin

Improve the Telegram app experience. 

Send automatic emails and SMS based on Telegram conversations. Show Telegram messages in WordPress.

Manage everything from WordPress.

Automation: The Power of the Bot

Sending the same message from different apps? Copying and pasting the same content across various platforms?

Save time with bots! Every time one action is performed, the bot will follow your instructions. 

What is the trigger? What is the action? You choose. The possibilities are endless. 

Out-of-the-box Telegram Bot Features

The Telegram Bot plugin for WordPress connects both platforms seamlessly.

Instant Notifications

Receive an email or SMS notification once you get a new message in your Telegram group

Show Telegram Messages in WP

Replicate all Telegram group messages in WordPress. Add the feed anywhere on your site

Customized SMS Alerts

Send personalized messages to mobile phones when users write specific messages in a group

React to Terms Inside Group

Reply to specific words. E.g. “help”: the bot shows local emergency numbers and sends alerts to 911

Repeat Messages to SMS

Send an SMS copying Telegram group messages. Filter words so that only important content is sent

Smart Rules

Only trigger the bot when certain words are used or every certain amount of hours

Future Bot Use Cases (Requires Customization)

Chat Bot

Send smart messages  on your chat software based on the user’s activity

Example: the visitor writes the word “discount” on chat? Automatically send him the deals page URL

MultiChannel Bot

Shoot a message across different platforms, adapting the content to each

Example: every time a user writes “report” on a Skype group, send a Slack message to his peers

Notification Alert System

Receive smart notifications once your site reaches key goals 

Example: Receive a report by email and Skype message when page views surpass 100k

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